simple payment online

Accept Payments Online Easily

Do you run a small business and would you like to accept payments online without high costs?

SimplePayment.Online is ideal, you can either:

- Send your customers to a payment page, they type in the amount and pay on their card

- Or, you can go to the payment page yourself and take payment over the phone as they read their card number to you.

You receive the money in your bank account within 3 to 7 working days.  No need to pay for a payment terminal. No monthly or set up fees. Just secure payments for you and your customers whenever you need them.

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SimplePayment.Online came about when we were looking to reduce the payment fees for our other website, Marry Abroad.  We developed a simple online payment system to minimise our own costs, and now we'd like to share it with other businesses. 

We've partnered with major US payments provider Stripe which uses the highest levels of encryption and fraud prevention and powers 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries. Payments are totally secure worldwide.

SimplePayment.Online is an ideal way to accept any amount, but particularly deposits, as by paying a deposit by credit card the customer is covered by their credit card guarantee for the whole amount, which gives them peace of mind, particularly for larger amounts.

If you'd like to join us, or would like further information please email . We look forward to hearing from you!